Photoshop Masterclass Photo Manipulation Course

This course is for Photoshop enthusiasts who want to develop professional photo editing and photo manipulation skills. Take your photo editing skills to the next level by joining this course.

Taught by Mohamed Wishah

187 students

What you'll learn

How to cut out images the PRO way.
How to color correct images to make the cut out images look realistic.
How to add super realistic shadows.
How to add realistic lights and highlights.
How to turn a bad photo editing into an epic one.
How to make amazing photo composite posters just by using pictures taken from you smart phone.


Knowing beginner level Photoshop skills would be an added advantage.


This course is designed for Photoshop enthusiasts who wants to develop Photo manipulation skill and take their photo editing skill to the next level. Photo manipulation or photo compositing is the art of combining two or multiple photos to create an amazing visual art. Hopefully we can help you master the skill with this course.

Course Content

8 Sections 18 Lessons 174h 27m 04s Total length

How to Install Adobe Software 2020


Lesson 1 - Part A - Getting started, Layers, Shape tools, Transformation


Lesson 1 - Part B - Clipping, Adding Texts and Blending options


Lesson 1 - Part C - Duplicating, Opacity, Arrangement, Saving, Exporting


Lesson 2 - Part A - Layer Mask, Selection using shapes, Intro to Color correction


Lesson 2 - Part B - Various Selection tools and Refining selection


Lesson 2 - Part C - Refining mask, More color correction, Putting soft shadows


Lesson 2 - Part D - Cutting out and refining Hair


Lesson 3 - Part A - How to become a Pro with Pen Tool, Content Aware fill


Lesson 3 - Part B - Clone stamp Tool, Color correction


Lesson 4 - Part A - Hot air balloon photo manipulation, cutting out the basket


Lesson 4 - Part B - Editting the Moon, Color correction and Environmental imperfections


Lesson 5 - Part A - Introduction to creating realistic shadows


Lesson 5 - Part B - Adjustment layers for shadows, Field Blur


Lesson 5 - Part C - Exposure adjustment for highlights


Lesson 6 - Part A - Custom Brushes, Glow Effect and Highlights


Lesson 6 - Part B - Glow Effect and Highlights



Mohamed Wishah

Graphics Designer & YouTuber

Mohamed Wishah

My name is Mohamed Wishah. I have been doing Graphic Design works for the past 10 years now and have been conducting both face to face and online design courses in Islands and in Male' City for about 3 years now. I am an active YouTuber I teach graphic designing on YouTube as well, you can check out my YouTube channel to know more about my teaching methods.

This course includes:

174h 27m 04s on-demand content
Life-time access
Viewable on Mobile
Certificate of completion